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The hot’s not hot enough, and the cold’s too cold. You turn on your heater, and your house isn’t filled with a pleasant and natural heat. So you try to adjust the thermostat, but then your home still feels a little too cold. Does this sound like your attempts at indoor comfort during winter? Heating your home shouldn’t be frustrating. Belk and Gay Heating and Cooling, Inc. can evaluate your system to find whatever is contributing to your heating challenges.


Heating system performance can be affected by many factors. Belk and Gay Heating and Cooling, Inc. has the team, tools, and techniques to correctly diagnose and repair your system. When it’s cold, a lack of heat affects more than your comfort. Health concerns also come into play with an ineffective and inefficient system.

Furnace Repair Services
HVAC in Waxhaw

We respond to all service calls with a sense of urgency. As your heating contractor, we dispatch the best technicians and the best equipment, so comfort is restored as quickly as possible. Our technicians are trained to work on various types of heating systems. We know older models well, and our commitment to continuous training means we can expertly repair newer systems too.

Furnace Installation

You don’t have to worry when your new system fails. Heating system installation is no simple matter but our technicians at Belk and Gay Heating and Cooling, Inc. know and observe all required techniques in heating system installation. The right tools also make a difference in the promptness and accuracy of our installation services. We invest in the latest systems and technology to ensure we are equipped and prepared to handle all heating repair and maintenance tasks.

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