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Air Conditioning


Air conditioning service can be a simple matter as long as you make the right decisions. It’s easy to take air conditioning for granted. You turn on the system and expect it to perform the way you desire every time. However, your approach to air conditioning can impact:

  • Indoor comfort

  • Energy savings

  • How long your air conditioner lasts

Our experienced technicians are knowledgeable about a variety of techniques and equipment that can improve your air conditioning results:


  • Thermostat Use – If you don’t program your thermostat correctly, your air conditioner will consume more energy. Whether you use a manual or programmable thermostat, correct programming is essential to preserving the life of your system and reducing energy costs. We also provide a variety of modern thermostats so you can improve overall air conditioning efficiency.

  • Energy Evaluations – Do you find that you need to set your air conditioner lower than recommended temperatures to keep comfortable? Air leaks and other problems around your home can impact your air conditioner’s efficiency. We can provide thorough assessments to help you to identify and address problem areas.

  • Annual Maintenance – You might be tempted to skip annual maintenance because of financial reasons or doubts about its value. Preventive maintenance protects your air conditioning system, so you won’t be faced with a new AC installation when you’re not prepared for it. Scheduling this service also improves comfort and helps you to keep your energy costs in check.

Proper use and care of your system will help you to avoid paying for unnecessary air conditioning repair. Educating our customers is one way we show that we have your best interest in mind. We don’t believe in keeping our customers in the dark or taking advantage of them in any way. Our honest practices keep our community relying on us throughout the years.

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