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©Trane - Clean, Comfortable, Efficient

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Exceeding the SEER standard   (Show Details...)
As of January 2006, the Department of Energy minimum efficiency changed from 10 to 13 SEER. The majority of systems installed before 1992 are 10 SEER or below and will continue to drop in efficiency as the system ages. Not only do ©Trane systems meet the government standard, in many case they exceed it. The chart above shows your possible savings over an 8 SEER system for higher efficiency systems. The higher the rating, the more efficient the unit - and the more money you save. When properly matched, ©Trane systems offer very high SEER ratings to improve your family's comfort.
Higher efficiency means higher savings   (Show Details...)
©Trane precision-engineers its products and uses quality materials, so you can be assured that our systems are durable and reliable. We also engineer them to be remarkably energy efficient, which can translate into lower utility bills.
This is particularly true when you select a ©TRANE XL19i system. Each is outfitted with a variable-speed motor that adjusts to keep your family at just the right temperature all day and all night. This means a higher level of efficiency, and more savings for you.
ENERGY STAR.®   (Show Details...)
Many ©Trane systems carry the ENERGY STAR® label, which signifies that the model meets the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for energy efficiency. Look for this label on all the models you are considering, for the lowest possible energy consumption and operating costs.

A matched system starts with the right components put into the right combinations

A packaged unit contains the same components you find in a typical split system, however, they’re all engineered to work together in one cabinet. And, just like other ©Trane systems, you have a variety of efficiency levels and air handling options to select from.
A total home comfort system that's just right for you.   (Show Details...)
Whichever combination is right for you, a ©Trane matched system is the best way to ensure the ultimate in home comfort, consistent performance, lower energy consumption and cleaner air than any other system can provide. Our quality components are designed to work with other brands, but replacing only one component means that you won't experience all that a ©Trane matched system has to offer. Build your system exclusively with ©Trane components and you'll discover... It's Hard to Stop a ©Trane!
Variable-speed means consistent climate control.   (Show Details...)
Most home comfort systems only deliver air at one speed, so the system is either off or on at full speed. That can lead to drafty rooms, wider temperature swings, extra humidity and more noise. A ©Trane system designed with a variable-speed furnace or air handler adds just the right amount of warm or cool air to keep you at the right temperature all day and all night. And since a variable-speed fan can run at lower speeds, it better circulates the air and removes extra humidity. An extra bonus is that variable-spped helps your system work more efficiently, saving you money.
Bask in quiet comfort.   (Show Details...)
A significant reduction in sound is another important benefit of variable-speed indoor models. The unit begins at a low speed and slowly ramps up as needed, so you don't hear the clang some older units make on start-up or shutdown. It runs so quietly you'll sleep more soundly and never have to adjust your TV over the noise of operation. That's comfort you can hear as well as feel.
Pick and choose your comfort zones.   (Show Details...)
Do you have areas in your home that are just too warm or cool? Why heat or cool the entire house when you spend most of your time in one area? If you have a home that is multilevel, the answer could be two or more zones so you can control the temperature as needed. Having multiple zones could significantly lower your energy costs and increase you comfort.
Precision engineered and extreme tested   (Show Details...)
You can expect more from ©Trane. Not only do we design and engineer our products according to the strictest standards -- we send them to our Seasonal Extreme Environmental Test (SEET) facility, where they're exposed to desert-like heat, arctic-like cold and endure a gauntlet of abuses. All this testing is done to ensure the reliability and durability of your ©Trane system.
Long-term reliability means lasting value.   (Show Details...)
Once our products reach your home, they will probably never face the kind of extreme conditions we subject them to. But you'll rest easier, confident that you investment in comfort can be depended on year-round and for years to come.
The dealers' choice for durability and reliability.   (Show Details...)
Dealers value reliability as highly as you do. After all, their reputations depend on it. So we're proud that dealers of all brands chose ©Trane as the most reliable brand in the industry in an independent survey by The News, the leading publication in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

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